Home ownership is a joyous experience. First-time owners revel in the new endeavor and those purchasing a second or even third home can find attributes of new acquisitions that speak to them.  The downside comes when repairs to homes become appallingly apparent as a time consuming and debt-ridden burden.  One of the most troublesome repairs can be roof maintenance or replacement.  Help is on the way, though! Costly roof repairs can be avoided if you can spot the warning signs early on. Early detection is the key. Do you want to know how to determine if you need a new roof before all is lost? Read on for a fast fix for what could be a long-term problem:


A leaky roof is not a silent killer. You will know right away the first time that drop hits the floor. Leaving it alone can result in rot and further deterioration that can result in costly repairs. Beams and boards that could have been saved may be destroyed if you wait too long. If you notice a leak, replacing your roof could allow you to save more in the long run.

Peeling Shingles

If you notice one shingle peeling, you may disregard it as normal wear and tear that occurs naturally. While this may be a natural deterioration, if you let it go without repairing it, your entire roof could suffer. Paying attention to the frequency of the peeling will let you know if your roof needs to be replaced or just repaired. Homeowners who will plan on keeping their homes for just a few months will opt for replacement in order to avoid higher bills, yet this may weaken the resale value. Replacing the roof entirely may be the smarter option here.

Warped/Uneven Slopes

This might be unnoticed to the naked eye, but warped or uneven roofs can not only lead to costly repairs, they can be hazardous. Natural disasters or even regular intrepid weather can cause devastation to poorly sloped roofs. Some homeowners may be able to spot this, but for the untrained eye, it is important to have an inspector evaluate the roof for those who are buying or selling or even just protecting their families. Roof repairs don’t have to be complicated. If you know the signs that repairs are needed early on, you can avoid the pitfalls of costly bills and delayed repairs. It’s time to take home ownership into your own hands and know what you are buying or selling before it’s too late. Roof replacement doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just be sure to catch any problems early on.