Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing has many benefits that a property owner can take advantage of with its installation. Rubber roofing, or EPDM roofing as it is commonly referred to, is made from a combination of recycled tires, sawdust, and slate dust. This makes it an environmental product as well as an affordable roofing material that requires very little roofing maintenance to keep in tip-top shape.

Rubber Roofing Installation

Because rubber roofing comes in rolls, it can be easily laid up on your property’s roof and cut as needed around the many fixtures you may have. Thanks to rubber roofing being a lightweight material there is no need for additional reinforcement for installation. Rubber roofing is typically installed with an adhesive, stone ballasts or using fasteners. It is rolled out across your roof, using very little seams that can cause leaks. Your rubber roofing is designed to last as long as 20 years, giving you plenty of longevity.

Rubber Roofing Advantages

There are several advantages to installing rubber roofing besides its easy installation. Rubber roofing is an extremely durable roofing material as it doesn’t scratch or scuff easily. It is a low-cost solution making it an affordable product to add to your commercial building.
Roofing maintenance is minimal with this type of roof as leaks can easily be repaired using liquid roofing membranes, latex tape or an adhesive. Additional benefits of rubber roofing include resistance to heat buildup and sun damage, allowing it to be a solid choice for warm weather regions.
Rubber roofing also has the ability to stand up in colder climates. It’s ability to expand and contract, making it a rugged roofing solution that can take the varying demands of your property. Rubber roofing is also impervious to rainwater and high winds, giving you a roof that stays put and retains its integrity no matter the weather conditions.
If you are looking for a material that will hold up and require little roofing maintenance, then rubber roofing is perfect for your property. Consider rubber roofing as you look to replace your roof with a solution that will provide the protection you need at a price you can afford.