Owning a home can be a lot of work.  There are many components involved that need to be maintained in order to keep an entire home in good condition.  One incredibly important part of the home that may at times get overlooked, is the roof.  If roof repairs and routine maintenance are not conducted properly, you can be at risk of creating not only external damage to the home, but also interior problems as well.  Making sure a home’s roof is appropriately ventilated can help avoid such damage.    

How to Get The Correct Ventilation

To achieve the correct level of ventilation, the roof needs to be constructed properly.  There should be an intake either at the fascias, soffits, or eaves of the roof.  An exhaust should be on the roof’s ridge to create an open airflow so that warm, moist air has a way to escape, and cool, fresh air has a way to enter. This helps regulate the temperature and humidity inside the attic. If not enough heat and moisture is able to escape from the roof then the roof, attic, and house interior may become significantly damaged.  Not to mention, harmful things like mold and mildew can grow, which could cause health problems. If a home has bad roof ventilation, the household utilities are also likely to increase because it can cost more to keep the house cool in the summer time due to the excessive heat and moisture build up that is created in the attic. In the winter months, an excessive build up of moisture can form in the attic from the additional moisture created by showers, sinks, and laundry units. The excessive moisture lingering in the attic can cause insulation to get wet and the home’s efficiency decreases. Unfortunately, the damage can go beyond moisture build up and higher utility bills resulting in an inferior roof.  If the roof repairs are not addressed over time the house might experience deterioration with shingles, wooden framing, siding, ceiling, paint, and drywall. These repairs alone could cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. To avoid hefty repair costs, it is best to ensure that your roof ventilation is meeting the needs of your home. If there are any of these indications that a home has improper roof ventilation, it is highly recommended that a professional roofing company is contacted to assess the situation.